Monday, January 09, 2006

tube strikes and clarkies

once i had the internet it was much easier to contact and e-mail with the clarkies already in london. so i made vague plans to meet up with brian. it was to be after dinner with abra, and i was supposed to text beforehand. but i forgot to borrow abra's cellphone and i just hopped on the tube. after wandering a bit in the right direction i found brian's place. but ofcourse i did not know the flat #. so i rang them all. and eventually brian came down.
we chatted and i met the other kids on his program and in his flat. hila came over and then other clarkies dropped by and were a little shocked to see me, so that was fun.
then i heard about the underground strike which had started at 630. being utterly tired and having no idea if i'd be able to get back to abra's i decided to sleep there. and try and catch the tube back in the morning, in time to meet abra outside during her firedrill. ofcourse sleep didn't happen for awhile- we walked hila home and talked to her and zoe for awhile. everyone seems to be having a great time and i am really excited for them all!
the next morning things went mostly well,the tube strike was only a few stations and it didn't effect my journey. it is definitely a bit weird and 95% amazing to be wandering around a new(ish) city all by yourself. today i hit the Victoria and Albert Museum, it was freeee! and had basically everything i studied in 20th century design, so also amazing. and now abra and i are about to head out to lunch, the tate modern(also freeee) and then dinner with the clarkies!
then i leave for scotland- hopefully tickets and stuff will work out.


Megan said...

Blair! It sounds like you are having so much fun and I actually get excited each morning to check this, ha ha. I went to the V&A one day when i wondered the city(and got so lost on the buses) and I remember the fashion display and a beautiful garden where I just sat....

Sounds like fun. Oh, and I love that wherever you go you include chocolate and pastry....MUAH!

Anonymous said...

I know that you wanted to study abroad in London second semester this year, I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you. I hope this trip will make up for it.
Love mommy