Wednesday, January 11, 2006

bus woes

so ofcourse the train wasn't an option by the time i got there. no 14£ ticket for me. so i tried to find the coach/bus station. that took awhile and i walked around the victoria train station twice. though i didn't find any babies in handbags (sorry i've just been reading the importance of being earnest. but i finally found the national express office, and even though i had to pay 30£ to get to dundee, i only had to pay 9 to leave. so it evens out a bit. and my tickets to and from norwich were only 5£ each, so that really works well.

but my bus didn't leave till 1030pm, and it was about 1030am- so i was able to have another full day of london. i checked my bags at the left luggage counter, met a guy who told me some good places to check out and set out on my shopping day. i got to go to herrod's and camden town and covent garden and found some presents for some people, and some things for myself. i stopped and had tea at a place right next door to a place i ate at last time i was in london- how odd is that, i can remember random london neighborhoods! and eventually i even had success on my search for pad thai- when i wandered into the chinatown!

i got back to the bus station, and then took the bus- which was somewhat wretched- really, just hard to sleep comfortably. then i arrived here, and going down the stairs i took the worst spill in recent memories. it seemed like a random act of clumsiness, sliding down the stairs on my butt. but really my ass is still sore, and it has an awful bruise on it, and is somewhat of a lump. so that is just great. and so far things seem like they will be pretty relaxed here- which is good, just what i need. its especially cause craig is actually ill- he is even on penicillin!

well we're about to go on a walking tour of dundee (the city of discovery!), so i will try and write more soon/later.


abra said...

1) the importance of being earnest is one of my all time favourite plays

2)i had such an amazing time travelling with you and can't wait to see your lj photos of it. mine are awesome and i am going to figure out a way to get them online

Anonymous said...

Ernest is one of my favorte plays. I got to play Gwendolyn and Cecily in my younger days. Now I could only play Miss Prisim or Lady Blacknell.
The photo is awesome. I hope the others are as nice. Grandma was not able to open your blog so I have been copying the entries and sending them to her. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Mommy