Saturday, January 14, 2006

the 5 people you meet on the way to norwich

in my travels here, i happened upon quite a few characters. the first is the nameless/faceless woman who sat next to me at the front on the overnight bus. all i remember of her is that everytime i realized my leg had slipped a tad too close to her and thought to move it, she was already pushing my knee. weird.

then i was sitting at the victoria coach station waiting to store my bag for 24 hours. so i had to wait till almost 10, since i wouldn't be back till then. and the girl next to me started conversation- she was pretty funny, since she was australian, from sydney, and quite pretentious. she actually apologized for all other australians. and claimed everyone from melbourne was pretentious. but she got really excited when i told her that i loved belfast. and now she is applying to queens.

the next one was a 14 year old girl who was also heading to norwich. she originally was checking out my chucks, and telling her dad she wanted a pair. then we started sort of talking, she wanted to know why my bag said 'blair!' on it, so i explained that it was actually my name, rather than a reference to her prime minister. she asked to sit next to me on the bus, and it was definitely interesting. she was strangely mature, and then strangely immature. she asked me to explain the OC, and also taught me british slang. well british teen slang. so that was fun and mostly interesting.

then i got to the bus station and found two important people! cat and kate! woo-hoo! we wandered norwich then, they showed me all the cuteness. then came the confusingness, when nobody was serving food. so i settled for spending the last of my cash on candy. but eventually we found a place, pizza express. then we found the bus, after trying for the wrong one. then we found the campus, after getting off on the wrong stop.

eventually everything worked out. i got to see and hug maggie, claudia, bobby and rebecca. and then hang out at the union pubs. yes, there are two. but in the same building, and they even have the same bar and the same bathrooms. but half is non-smoking and half isn't. but now we're back, and i shall sleep on the floor for a few hours, before cat walks me to meet my cab. then all that (hopefully)stands between the plane and myself is a busride, a tuberide and some securtiy.


caaaat said...

yayyyyy i'm glad you came.

abra said...

BLAIR WHITNEY KRANZBERG GROSS! i should have thought you would have learned your lesson about meeting random children and letting them sit by you on your mode of transportation when they ask to (HELLO MASSIMO?!) she may have liked your chucks, but massimo liked us at first too and she may have taught you (ha, i just typed us) slang, but massimo drew us pictures. this could have ended badly. very badly.