Friday, January 06, 2006

pros and cons of overnight trains

we took a sleeper train from venice to nice on the 5th of january...
>lots of sleep, essentially 10 hours!
>nice morning views
>bottom bunks
>traveling at night leaves the day time for actually being places(time is important!)
>conductor gave us free water!

>cost more money
>wasn't all that comfortable
>in the morning the light was blinding
>bunkmates not very friendly- also we dont even know how many we actually had throughout the night
>conductor was a bit weird


Anonymous said...

blair! i am reading your blog just as i said i would. i leave tomorrow, and am veryvery excited (moreso for the travelling...but you know) ANYWAY, i am glad you're having a good time and you should send me a list of your recommended hostels so I can hit them up! Alright, I'll talk to you later darlink. Keep enjoying Europe and not Worcester.


Anonymous said...

i am very jealous of you right now.