Friday, January 20, 2006

replies to commentors...

jon m.- you commented first, but not any other time! and i did get lots of pictures- they will be up soon (I hope)

elana- thanks for all the comments throughout, and i will share as much of my knowledge as i can with you. though really learning for yourself is half the fun. see you soon i hope

cat- i am excited for YOU! even if things get tough, i know you can do it. and i can’t wait to hear about your travels. also you win the award for best poster. especially cause they were usually about how you loved me ☺

zoe- i am glad i got to see you, and cant wait to see your photos. don’t worry, photobucket is pretty easy. hope london is going well!

laura- ah! i'm glad you've gotten to hear the real deal from me. also you should feel lucky that i shared my precious candy bars with you, fellow chef!

steven- i didn't know you spoke italian (prego!). hope all is well, can i relive my break through you. must relax!

lisee- dave is my friend from camp, and is from ireland. and i’ll be putting the photos up on my actual photojournal. i'm glad you've gotten to read about my trip! hope all is well!

danny- abra said it all in the comment, and well i said it in my Florence post as well! but hopefully we can hang out this semester, i believe elana has something in the works

hila- hope everything is going well, if you had a blog i’d probably be reading and forgetting to comment as well. but that’s ok!

mom- you finally learned how to comment, but i talk to you in my posts and in e-mail more than anyone else already. i love and miss you though!

margaret- you WILL be here this weekend, so we will hang out! And florence is great! the day it was veryvery sunny i kept being so jealous of you in advance. also don’t pee yer pants in M&S, just buy me stuff, and yourself stuff and smile like a dope!

claudia! you posted like you said, and i visited you, like i said! woo-hoo. hope norwich is being extra cool for you.

joel- i am jealous of YOU now, since you get to the reap all the benefits of a meal plan and a blair. want me to cook you dinner tonight?

megan- when you are in scotland you have to try all the chocolate bars- mmmkay? and send me some, pretty pretty pretty please!

abra- thanks for all the comments- there are some new posts up that need your lovely responses! also, as soon as you are back in london i need directions to use the callingcard so i can chat away with you! i really really enjoyed our travels. and though i extended an invitation out to everyone i hope you want to travel with me again! :D


megan said...

MMMMMMMhmmm! I will obviosuly try all of the chocolate, and promise to send some to you!

abra said...

Id do it again IN A SECOND. i miss our trip so much even though i have london to explore now. b/c it is just not the same without you. and we would be so much better at travelling now b/c we have so much more knowledge! like no stupid eurail...