Wednesday, January 04, 2006

screw you danny kahn, florence part two

we left rome in high spirits as we boarded a eurostar train- though headed to venice, we stopped in florence for the day! if my photos were working the way they should be you would see a shot of the glorious blue sky that greeted us.
but back to that speedy train, even with our eurail passes we are supposed to pay reservation fees on some trains, and actual supplements on others- namely the ones that actually work. but we just climbed aboard the train without any of those things, made our selves comfortable, and made friends with two londoners across the aisle. we told them some tricks we had learned during our journey. especially the one about sneaking on trains. when the conductor came around we played the dumb american card, and rather than pay 32 euros, we paid only 8. and got to florence quickly!
the sunny sky and warm weather was only the start of our semi-luck. we got amazing breakfast croissants, which we enjoyed while in line for the uffizzi. which was pretty boring, as danny informed us in an e-mail we got the next day! also the title of this blog is because every step of the way danny has given us information that would have been crucial a day earlier than he tells us!
but we saw the birth of venus, a painting with someone named abra in it, and a few other minorly relevant pieces. ones that my teacher may mention during stone age to our age next semester atleast! i also got to take many sunny pictures of florence. and i must say that i am very very jealous of margaret, getting to study abroad there! you will especially have to find this gelato place, it was called something that made me note "festival of gelato" but i cant quite recall the name. but find it! i had the best greenapple gelato EVER, it was amazing. i am still having dreams about it.
basically it was another rush thru of the city, but plus sunshine and more yummy treats!
ofcourse the train station is still the worst place in italy. our train was delayed, but we eventually got out of there!


Anonymous said...

I was so excited to read your new entry, but today is Jan. 8th and it is dated the 4th. Greenapple sounds like a flavor Stu would enjoy. "Dumb American card" may be ecconomical,(which I'm all about saving money) but maybe why they hate us in Europe.
Can't wait to hear about Venice and everything else. Mommy

elana said...

you'll have to tell me those travel/train secrets :)

caaaat said...

festival of gelato, YES.

i can't wait to go to italy.

ms. margaret said...

blair!! it's MArgaret. so excited to read your blog finally. i hope florence is as fun as you say! im sure it will be, as long as no drunkies call me ugly they have another thing coming. ill be at clark the first weekend to hang out! i have some time before i leave...hope your journies are treating you amazingly as they sound like they are! enjoy the rest of your stay and take care.
ciao!!! margaret

abra said...

it's really upsetting that danny never posted on this, i hope he saw it. also, i wanted to write about not paying for trains, but i sort of didnt want to tell my parents...guess your mom cared. also she caught your date fabrication!!!