Saturday, January 07, 2006

cliche cliche cliche

yes, nice was nice.
there were palm trees and pretty buildings. also the regular hallmarks of frenchtrains failing us miserably. but we got some good eats, and some cheap legwarmers.
now would also be a good time to mention the wave of emphysema that is sweeping europe. ofcourse smoking contributes to it, but also anyone with a raspy voice and a flemmy hacking cough is immediately diagnosed by abra as having emphysema and if they are especially sickly(or if we're around them too long) sometimes they even have lung cancer.
we walked around a bit, and finally found the russian cathedral. the onion domes didn't dominate the sky line, but they were pretty. we had a late lunch at a vegan restaurant, the food was good, and the woman who ran the place was originally from california(english speaker- woooo!) but when i mentioned kate, who is vegan, but is drifting away while studying in spain, the woman said that it was more important for her to remain loyal to the animals...
the train delays exposed me even more to the awful sound effects of french trains, and also to a crazy man who kept yelling nonsense, and accosting people in the train station.
so it was about time to leave nice, yet we had to wait extra for our already later than we had hoped for train.
and france lost more points...

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abra said...

ill have to let you know if emphysema seems to be a problem here in far not as bad as the rest of europe