Saturday, January 07, 2006

lyon redeems entire country of france!

well, mostly. ofcourse there is always the possibility that if abra and i had been there for over the 15 hours that we were there then things could have gone badly. but somehow i doubt it.

after arriving around 1230am because of delays leaving nice, and just the general distance and slowness we were a bit worried. not only had we been forced to enter lyon from the wrong station, but we also had no idea how to get to the correct one, or even where our hostel was. not to mention the name.
but the information lady was nice(practically a first in france)and directed us to the metro. which was in the process of closing. the gates were open so we got in for free and the guards helped tell us how to get there. ofcourse we missed the first stop, so they told us to go back one. we got off that train, and we could see across the tracks the other metro, but we had no idea how to get there. then the conductor told us, and held the train for us. we had to run across a street! and the conductor of this train came up to show us the right way down. then we got to the other station we needed and more guards helped us/held the train. when we finally got out at the right exit, more people helped us and gave us directions to the hostel. which they had all heard about. as we left the station we realized that it had even been on the station map and there were signs up for it along the way.
but along the way was up a huge hill. so we asked strangers, and THEY knew about it too. along with this older vaguely sketchy guy, who was going there too. and kept offering to help me with my bag. but i declined(it was too heavy for me, so i didn't want to burden him). then we finally got there. its called viex lyon for a reason- its so high up, you can see a lot.
oh and guess what, random guy worked at the hostel! he was all, "surprise i'm not just staying here, i work here, hahaha". and then it a)took credit cards b)was the cheapest hostel yet and c) included free breakfast.
also there was no one in our room so we got to plan more things, abra showered and i unpacked and repacked. the next morning there was even a free candy dish at reception, which i tasted after breakfast ofcourse. but then abra and i took a walk even further up the hill before heading to the train station.
on the way there i made abra wait outside while i got surprise chocolates for the train. 2 lyon special candies(which were weird, but sort of good) 2 praline filled ones(our favorites!!!) and a special pastry/cream/praline thing that the woman recommended. oh yea, and she was really nice too!
as we took the metro there we also realized how cool and clean and nice their trains are. (oh there was another high alert for emphysema, but this one was also half abra's size, and likely had scoliosis and osteoporosis). and then the people at the train station were nice as well, and we got TGV reservations for only 6 euro total.
so all in all lyon is probably the #1 place to return to, cause 15 hours wasn't enough!

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