Sunday, January 15, 2006

leaving london

getting back actually turned out to be a whole lot of work. i made the bus, thankfully. so i was sort of feeling good about everything. things were going well. the newstand by the coach station had all the snacks i could need. ribena, fry's peppermint, even a drifter! then i go to the underground, buy my single fare to heathrow and hop on the subway. then i get ready to change for the piccadilly line at south kensington, and its closed. and everyone who worked there was really nice about telling me what to do, and being nice friendly brits.
UNTIL i had to interact with the meanest man in london. i don't even want to think about it anymore. but he was so mean, and rude about a very simple transaction. he reduced me to tears. and i hate crying, but he just was awful. so i was sort of happy to leave london today!

so piccadilly was closed, so there was more trainriding, and i finally got to the airport. then some waiting, and some lines and more waiting. typical airportlike things. the flight was nice, i watched some movies (wedding crashers and mrs. henderson presents) and played the on-flight trivia game, backgammon and battleship. i even got some journalling in as well!
then customs... as i was going through they asked about food. i said, oh probably a candy bar... and was waved through. ofcourse by 1 candy bar, i meant atleast 10!! oh well. no harm, no foul.

though i guess my mom would mention that all these candy bars are harming myself. but just to let you know, mom, i only gained 2 pounds on my trip. and american candy no longer appeals to me. and i have always loved chocolate and candy a lot, as any of my friends will attest! also you knew that, remember how happy i was when you gave me a box of nerds for my birthday last year!?!

so all in all, i am glad to be home. but i am sad that my trip had to end, and i will be going to europe again as soon as i can! sign up now to travel with me- or if you want to see me a bit sooner than that, make other plans with me.

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