Sunday, January 08, 2006

eurocrap and the bbb

well it was basically our only option to get back to london. and it was pretty much a bust. actually i guess you could say it just didn't live up to our expectations. cost a lot more than we thought it would. we didn't get a lounge and the seats were decorated very poorly.
but i guess it got us to london. even though that just led us to the barmy badgers backpackers. the worst hostel in europe. not only were they expensive, but the woman behind the desk made stupid jokes and wouldn't take pounds from northern ireland, she said they were worth less(racist!). then our room was gross, the beds were amazingly uncomfortable and the shower was smelly and disgusting.

but then we got to move into abra's dorm/flat/place. and it was pretty swank, and there was free internet and a patisserie around the corner where we embarrased ourselves. we were greeted from behind the counter in english, and immediately cheered, "hooray! no french!" and then the other guy and him started speaking in french together. so we ordered everything in french(we're good at bakery french). and then things were ok, he even 'opened' the door for us-- it was a sliding door, so it was sort of awkward.
but yeah, london things are looking up!

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abra said...

im just laughing and laughing b/c everything is so funny, but it just happened so im a total loser, but it's so funny that i have to laugh