Tuesday, December 20, 2005

the importance of being irish

well i've arrived safe and sound. pretty tired though, lots of traveling- commuter rail, T, airport shuttle, planeing and deplaning, buses, more planes, carrides, etc. but now i am in the geography department of Queens, the 5th building we found. it was sort of fun sneaking into it though, but it turns out we're able to use it. so all is well.
i got a driving tour of belfast when we got a bit lost, but the buildings all look very cool. there was a sculpture outside of dave's school where a man blows fire every few minutes. i'll try and get a picture of it!
i sort of talked to two annoying americans, so my overall goal is to not be one of them- so far so good, i hope!
the views from my plane rides were amazing, i saw a great sunrise this morning! the weather in ireland is actually much nicer than it was in london, and i would say nicer than in boston/worcester as well!
ok- well i also wanted to thank all the kids at brandeis for being so welcoming, and letting me tag along and get all wrapped up in their lives!


miss cat. said...

GOD i hate americans.

this journal is so exciting!

abra said...

i took THAT photo!!!!! deceivingly in the stl public library not ireland...

i hope to go to dublin sometime this sem.