Tuesday, December 27, 2005

abra and i find each other...in paris

christmas with the walshes was great! such nice people- dave and i taught his family "little sally walker" so that was a bit silly, but all in good fun! the weather the whole time i was there was spectacular as well, very mild and sunny!

ofcourse now i am in paris and the weather is... bipolar would actually describe it well. but yesterday after much, much, MUCH not finding each other or the right places- abra and i arrived at our hostel, got food, and then planned the rest of our europelandtrip (as well as our future hostel/bookstore/haven; you all will have to visit, you will get a discount!) but this morning we awoke to clouds, left the hostel to rain THEN after getting some tea there was hail; then we popped into a candy shop( photos are my #1 goal, cathedrals are #2, but candy is #3!). ofcourse then there was snow. but after leaving notre dame we exited to sunshine. though still chilly!
ah; i'm out of internet time and abra and i must depart for dinner and our last night in pareeeeeè


danny KAHN! said...

i saw that place in dublin and got a picture of it too! (maybe it was paris although im pretty sure it was dublin. anywho, have tons of fun and if ur in paris long, i recomend that fondue place i wrote about in tht email i sent-- its in montmartre and is just a 2 minute walk if you walk past the bottom of sacre cur going towards the vernicular. its called refude de fondu and haS DELISH fondu (get the cheese) and serves wine in baby bottles!

HAPPY TRAVELS!! (and send me those updates u were telling me about...)

abra said...

i need a copy of this pic to add to my collection of abra in signs. OH MY GOD I AM SO EXCITED TO READ ABOUT ALL OUR TRAVELS AND SEE MY NAME OVER AND OVER AGAIN IN YOUR POSTS. too bad danny sucks and told us the name of the restuarant too late. loser.