Friday, December 23, 2005

belfast, dublin, dundrum, newcastle

ok, so i've gotten a lot done since i last got the chance to write! right now i am sitting at dave's computer in his actual house in dundrum, we got here today. i really have been pretty lucky with the weather! everyone has said so. on wednesday dave, his friend netta and i took a bus tour of belfast. i got some great pictures, and it was very interesting. even though our tourguide told us all about the troubles and bombings (and also how much it would cost to live in each neighborhood) she also informed us that belfast is the 2nd safest city in the world (tokoyo is #1) and this is according to some world wide organization. so anyone who was worried or who had ever read europe on a shoestring, no more fears!

on thursday we took a ride down to dublin. we slept the whole way down, but when we got there random people on the streets gave us mulled wine, minced pies and crackers. and it was 'quarter 11' as dave would say. so we walked over to the spike. and now i will clear up all the lingo- minced pies are good, and there is no meat in it! crackers are not food, they're these things you pull each side of, and mine had a small hairbrush inside of is, as well as a joke so bad i can't even recall it. we had a fun day walking around the city. oh i guess now is a good time to mention the disaster that is my camera. i tried to take a million film pictures, but something screwed up and the film dislodged from the case, and was all spooled on the far side. so i have about 10 pictures of dublin. but its ok! we also had 'probably the best coffee in dublin' and went by the national library. it was cool, but mostly because i love libraries. on the bus ride back we talked to some awesome kids, who i do have some great quotes from- ask me when you see me :)

today we drove to dundrum, where dave lives- and its breathtaking. the mountains are so close! we're going there tomorrow. but today we went to the castle that is basically in dave's backyard! and then to the irish sea, which is in his front. well ok, not all connected to his house, but within about 7 minutes at most walking. and all in eyesight. and then we went to newcastle, which is closer to the sea, and the sky was miraculous, i took a million pictures of the clouds and the sun streaming over the mountains.

well i am quite beat, so it is time for bed. i am having a great time, and i miss and love you all very much (especially you mom, if you're reading this, which you should be, and you should also comment!) tomorrow the mountains and a walk and more pictures, then christmas, then paris. then who knows! ahhh!


Anonymous said...

hey! i actually haven't gotten a chance to read the things you've written here yet, but i look forward to doing that when i find a bit of time. i'm opening a photobucket account and i was curious how many photos i can upload without paying? do you have any idea?
thanks! i wish you safe travels!

Andy said...

Who's Dave