Saturday, December 17, 2005

g'bye clark, 'ello brandeis

well i'm at brandeis! packing was pretty rushed, cause of the power outage we had last night. but i made it here with everything i needed, probably a few things i don't need. but thats expected and pretty much okay.
now i just have to help abra pack and spend all of her points at the c-store. we're also going to some sort of chrismakkah party. as long as there is cider i'll be happy!

i still have a million christmas songs stuck in my head, but robyn and i sang some while we rode the T. saying good bye to everybody at clark was crazy, and if i didn't get to see you i'm sorry! but we'll be together again at some point! so happy travels and breaks and holidays to all!


elana said...

oh no i forgot about the party! just one more thing im missing. :(. :(. ugh!

cat attack said...

eeeeee i'm so excited about your travels.