Tuesday, December 13, 2005

getting ready to get ready

in exactly one week i will be in belfast, but right now i am still sitting in my room. it almost seems as if i will never move from my bed. though hopefully in a few days i'll be at brandeis.

i realized that while traveling for the next month, i may not do a great job of writing in a journal about my trip, and i should maybe set something else up. i also decided that this would be a good way to let others know how my trip went- or is going!

so i am in the process of getting out of here- but what i still have left to do feels like a lot. besides the school work (a paper), i have to clean and pack and get things organized as well as iron out some last minute travel plans and find all the places i need to make sure i go while in each city. but rather than actually DOING any of it, i am just thinking about it.
....or writing about it.

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six fist said...

I'm the first person to comment on this. woot! I hope you get a bunch of good pictures on your travels. have fun!