Sunday, January 07, 2007

maybe the most disconcerting day on the trip

on Sunday we started off running late, since they hadn't been sure if this man was or wasn't coming to talk to us. But he ended up coming, and it was one of the most interesting and disturbing talks we had. It was a newscaster for Israeli news. I didn't actually absorb that much, from being sleepy, but also because one of the first things he told us was something involving Israel bombing Iran, with some low-yield nuclear weopons! Which i think is CRAZY talk! no one should be using nuclear weapons. They think they need to use them to STOP Iran from their work on their nuclear weapons.

But then we finally finished, which took longer than necessary because some people kept asking questions, even though they tried to get us to stop! Because it was time to meet our 8 Israeli soldiers! then onto the bus for community service. I deicided to work in the Soup Kitchen, where we started off with a somewhatn meladramatic orientation video. the founder of this kitchen had once been a homeless child, and there were some kids playing the roles of him and his sister, and lots of extremely dramatic music. Then i ended up peeling potatoes. for two hours. I didn't even get to serve anyone, or not peel anything! When i tried to switch jobs i just ended up peeling cucumbers. so now i am an expert peeler.

then we had lunch at a falafel place, and then did some grocery shopping, which was lots of fun and full of hilarious stuffs. I brought back some hilarious israeli foods for people, don't worry! Then time to prepare for THE MEGA EVENT. about which there were really only two good things.
1) Yifat saying mega event in the funniest voice ever, all day
2) seeing Rachael (Sarah's sister)

danny and i also got tested to be bone marrow donors (which was the best part of the event) there were just so many people screaming, and too much craziness and obsession with all of us moving to israel and making jewish babies. After the event we met one of the men that especially sponsors our trip, and he asked us if there was any romance on the trip. And he told us if any of us married each other he would give us a "honeymood beyond our wildest dreams"

being at the mega event was the first time i actually missed my apartment! I can't wait to cook some good food, drink tea, watch TV and sleep in my green room!

Oh also, the president of Israel spoke at the event, and earlier in the day the news guy was telling us about the scandal involving him. and that the rape charges were dropped. WHAT? oh dont worry, the rape charges were dropped, just sexual molestation. He had some hardcore body guards with him. The host of the program was some israeli woman/celebrity. who has been in TWO movies. (they told us in her introduction). Mostly to me the whole mega event was a big awkward joke. There were also lots of crazy australians running around, i didn't know there even were jews in that county.

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