Monday, January 08, 2007

all sad rememberences

this was the day we did all the somewhat sad type things. and also lunch was bad and we had to wait so long.
but don't worry there wasn't any complaining... since we had just gone through Yad Vashem (The Holocaust Museum).

Our tour guide was a little bit rough and very conscientious of time, but overall it... well its hard to type about here. especially since i usually try and be light, humorous and a little witty (if possible). and it really isn't the joking kind of day. but there were a lot of moving moments for everyone (i think).

we followed this up by going to Mt Herzl, which was also an interesting history lesson.

We (those of us there weren't dying of the plague) then went to Tel Aviv!
One of our Israeli Soliders - Shai led us on a tour, since he lives there. There was a lot of Bauhaus Architecture there, apparently besides Gropius (who moved to Massachusetts and whose house i've seen), they all moved to Tel Aviv and built lots of stuff.

Then they took us to a mall, and we were told we could wander around the area. Babs, Danny and I decided to check the mall out first. The lack of cool stores led us to a pizza place, and we had some nice thin pizza by the slice. Then we ran into Tamar and Yifat and I was able to get descriptions on all the candy in the candy store, and get some good stuff.
They introduced us to our new security guard Emile (he was only with us for 2 days) and since he was a Tel Aviv native i asked him about which way to head. we didn't find too much, besides a sex shop, a crazy fountain, gelato and some weird sculptures. But that's not too shabby either.

The bus ride back was really nice actually. Ben, Tamar, Yifat and I all talked in the middle of the bus, while pretty much everyone else slept.

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