Wednesday, January 03, 2007


so far Kate is the only person i KNOW is reading - but i cannot just target it to you dearest, i will give you all the intimate details when i get home with many gifts for you on your birthday!

alright- so at first it was jujst sort of surreal that we could actually BE in another country! we exchanged our moneys, and got colorful bills and plenty of coins. the shekel is about 4 to the dollar, so i felt a bit rich. until i realized that a candy bar cost about 7.50! ew.

there are about 45 people traveling with me on general basis, 39 participants, 3 madrichs, 2 livnot leaders, 1 tourguide, 1 bus driver, and 1 security guard. i will have plenty of stories about all of them when i come home.

we started off by going straight to the old city of jerusalem. we finally all offically introduced ourselves, saw the dome of the rock, the moon rising over the city and the western wall. then we went to kotel and went to the caves beneath it, and walked past the holy of holys (holies?) and was lectured by a woman who reminded me of ariel (abra's sister). Then finally back to the hotel, dinner and rushed room picking and then sleep!

more to come!


kate said...

i am sooo excited to see all your pictures when you get home! i hope the people you are with are fun...i expect stories! do you feel super jewish yet? wish me luck at the dreaded bar mitvah...still no friendly words from my stepmom....oh well. say hi to danny for me! ok, awaiting the next update :)

oh- hows the hiking? it must be amazing. will you go to yoga with me this semester?

katewithtoomuchtosay said...

also! there are three songs named "jerusalem" all of which are really good:
1) jerusalem by dan bern
2) jerusalem by matisyahu
3) jerusalem by mirah

mmmmm it would rock if you could listen to them while in jerusalem

also i got invited to pakistan!!! for a giant wedding. sweet.

Anonymous said...

7.50 for a candy bar?!?!