Wednesday, January 03, 2007

back in action!

I'm back in my world traveler shoes! though in actuallity i am wearing much more waterproof ones this time around. I got some nice hiking SHOES at sports authority and so far they have pretty much been a blessing. kind of a christmas one if you think about the reason for the sale.

but anyways- and onto much more jew-y topics...I'M IN THE HOLY LAND!

though this whole journey started out with an epic car drive, that involved two sunrises, a crazy rest stop, big bags of fritos, lots of musicals and lots of other typical blair-ness from me.

arriving at danny's trailer was a bit of work, new jersey was sunny- and danny was there, otherwise i would have hated the state on account of US-9. but it all worked out (besides following Mr. Joe Kahn's advice and not packing my waterbottle). And then we were at the airport and then there was a huge group of people that i hadn't seen before, and ofcourse some of my typical social anxiety snapped in, i got a big hyper and freaked and felt the need to learn, meet, and remember everyone's name and figure out who they reminded me of ( which every time i cant quite place sometime [all the time] i miss Abra like CRAZY!).
we had time to bum around the airport and play guitars and be jewy at the gate. the flight was ok- not as hilarious or as calm as Virgin Airlines, also it was more confusing and full of hebrew! I did get to see The Departed, for a full 2nd and part of a 3rd time. that was nice, since i've just been telling Alain what a great movie it is.

ANYWAYS- i'm sure the reason you are all even reading this is to hear about israel! but i have to go, this instant to meet people to go back to the hotel and also to try and find ice cream! yay!

oh, so far no amazing candy stories, but i have had some great pastries. more to come!


kaaaatewhowishesshewerethere said...

ahhhh i wish i were there, have fun! see you on my biiiiiiiiiiirthday. i will follow your blog!

Danny your newest travel companion said...

ok once again i would like to state for the record that my father's suggestion NOT to bring a waterbottle was not something written in stone ( gd on the top of mt sinai, for instance). Like my second grade teacher always said, nobody can MAKE you do anything--you are the only one that can decide what you do. Words to live by...