Monday, March 02, 2009

on the road again

the time has come for me to once again begin a journey eastward. it is almost 5pm, and i am hoping to leave my house in 14 hours, so it makes sense that my room looks like this:

and actually, that is only a part of it, and doesn't look too bad. you can atleast see some of the floor there....
well i am going to get back to packing.
but based on the following facts:
- i am starting this trip with a post
- i am traveling with emc
- i don't start work for another month
THERE WILL BE MORE POSTS SOON. hopefully full of beautiful pictures and hilarious stories. unlike this post which had neither of those things.
oh, i'll make it better:


nobody said...
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nobody said...

Have a great trip, I'm just a couple weeks behind you. And your room is definitely cleaner than mine! 