Wednesday, March 04, 2009

depo! depo!

a lot of people have raised their eyebrows when i mention that i drove to cape cod by way of atlanta. seems a bit out of the way, but really, as a close stopping point full of family and good food there was no reason to pass it up.
plus i got to go to "The World's Largest and Most Engaging Aquarium!"

and boy were we engaged, the time flew by a little too fast. also i don't know how much i even learned to be honest. mostly it was just fun to watch all the fish swim. i did learn that rays are my new favorite sea creature, they just move in such a fun way. though this lil spiny guy was also hilarious. Natalie's favorite:
the moon jellies were also pretty fun to watch, since the tank changed the color of the light so they changed through the whole rainbow. they were right across from the jellyfish, and i encountered one of the most annoying museum workers i have ever seen. this man was right in front of the jelly tank the entire time that we were there (at least 3 hours) and he stood right in front and tried to direct people on how to take the best picture. which i admit is sort of nice. but then he would show off his pictures and keep repeating the same thing over and over (and over) again. to the point where i almost snapped at him "I know how to take a picture buster!" and i am not really ever a snappy person.
when the Georgia Aquarium advertised as being the largest i was a bit skeptical, and then when we walked into this huge entry way i thought maybe they were cheater-pants who built a HUGE building for their teeny tiny fish. but then we got to this tank
this is just a weeeee part of it. this tank held 3 whale sharks for goodness-sake! plus a bunch of rays, and one big ol' manta ray! it was not as cute as the others though, and looked like it had crazy fangs. speaking of crazy looking: cuttlefish. hearing it i think i always thought they would be cuddly. but no, these guys are hilarious, luckily we got there just as they were finishing up the feeding so most of them were swimming all about and being crazy. though the one lil guy that was full was showing off his camouflaging technique. though a nearby museum patron told her daughter that it was sick, obviously since it was pale and on the ground. emily pointed out it was camouflaged and pointed to a darker one in a shadow to prove it. i read the sign and affirmed that it was one of the 2 things mentioned about these fish. the woman just told her daughter they would hope it got better and walked away.
watching these tropical fish just made me miss the finding nemo fruit snacks... i actually found an old wrapper in my stuff while packing and started craving them!
overall the museum was awesome and we ended the day with some more fishy activities.

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