Tuesday, May 20, 2008

p-town throwdown

every spring nature's classroom invades provincetown - i had been hearing about "the throwdown" since i first got to nc. i had been to provincetown before, with ruth, zoe and pete. for an afternoon of walking and poking our heads into shops. i wasn't quite prepared for the debauchery of spending and evening drinking, buying drinks for strangers or enjoying drag queen karaoke!
and what better cure for a hangover than a boat ride...
i wasn't too hungover, and since i've never been motion sick before i wasn't surprised when there was no sea sickness!

a whole group of nature's classroom teachers set out on the boat. a few had been on whale watches before, but it was my first. in fact its the first open sea boat journey that i've ever been on.

and as you can tell not only where the whales so close to the boat, but they are pretty awesome too.

the boat basically took us to an ocean preserve, which sounds sort of odd, but it makes sense. shipping boats cannot use the area, which helps protect the animals that live there. on the way back to solid land a few people took naps.

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