Friday, April 11, 2008

my bags are packed...

well almost everything is back to being packed up! just like it was over two months ago when i headed back east the first time this year. except since i am now taking the first leg of my journey by plane, it is a little different. i have 2 pieces of luggage to check, 4 boxes to have my mom send, and my backpack- full of laptop, books, extra clothes & 3 cameras.

tomorrow is technically already here, and boy do i have a LOOONG journey in front of me.
1) flight to columbus ohio.
2) somehow get myself and all luggage downtown to find the greyhound bus station
3) take bus ride to mansfield ohio.
4) get ride to pro auto body
5) make sure the 9,000+$ being spent on fixing the car worked out
6) drive to cleveland

and from there i still have a 10 hour drive to ivoryton!

but after that i'll be out of this weird limbo that i've been in, and life will resume.
though many trips across this half of the country are pretty normal nowadays.
all i'm hoping for is to be able to have some more 'travel'like adventures on the wast coast, and continue this life of mine.

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