Tuesday, February 05, 2008

more like sliding

well its been over a year since i've posted, and i've traveled to some of the same american cities as before, and stopped in a few new places. i've definitely kept on the move.

that (and the fact that since i got julio one and half years ago i've put 20,000 miles on him) has led me to reboot this sucker. though sort of in secret since who knows who reads this, or knows about this or what not.

my plan (and please, someone hold me to it!) is to update with new travel stories:
the places, the people, the candy

as well as update and fill in the gaps (israel, spring breaks, hiking trips)
because lots of ridiculous things have happened to me, and continue to happen. and in my old age (22!) my memory has begun to fail me sometimes. so this "trip" down memory lane will hopefully help me and entertain you.

and the new posts may just clue you in on where i am and what is going on with me!

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hupjack said...

yo blair.. ethan here.. you've got readers accross the country.. if that's not motivation enough to stick to your blogging guns then I don't know what is. A year later, I finally got sucked into facebook ironically by becoming the "livnot ambassedor" for San Diego.. One thing that means is now I've got to go back and convince you and Danny and everybody else I haven't talked to in ages to be my virtual friends.. If you're ever in San Diego, don't even hesitate... I know the best sushi joints in town, (or other deliciousness if sushi isn't your speed) and all chevre got a free bed to crash on .. I'll take the couch :-)